This month SoCal Life Realtors is featuring the beautiful city of Fullerton which is located in north Orange County. 

Here are some fun facts...

1. Moving Ahead But Keeping It Old-School

Fullerton has been redesigning the downtown for the past 20 years to ensure that it remains a welcoming hub for visitors, with cafes, shopping, entertainment and restaurants—but still retaining its historic value. But if you're really into the whole history thing, don't worry...

2. History Geeks Have It Made

Fullerton was incorporated in 1904 and is the O.C.’s fourth oldest city. Aside from a meandering walk downtown with old theaters and beautifully restored architecture, you’ll also find tons of historic properties from the museum to the Spaghetti Warehouse.

3. The Free Parking Is Everywhere...

A surprising upside of Fullerton's downtown is the more than 2,500 free public parking spots. You can enjoy all the shops and restaurants without worrying about running back to put more coins in the meter.

4. Fullerton Is Second To One In Smarts

I mean that literally. Fullerton comes in behind only Irvine for being the smartest community in the entire state.

5. You Can Rock Out To Any Jam in Soco...

From neighborhood jazz bars to thrash music with neon lights, live music is everywhere in Fullerton and especially in party central, Soco (South of Commonwealth Ave). You might recognize some of the names that got their start here: The Adolescents, Social Distortion, D.I. and The Offspring.

6. ...And Do Just About Everything Else

Soco isn't just about music, either. Over the past five years more than 30 new restaurants and bars have opened in SoCo, and it’s been dubbed “Bourbon Street West” by the OC Weekly, as a rival to the infamous New Orleans party scene.

7. Fullerton Knows Fresh

Visit the Fullerton Arboretum anytime during the year for some of the best pastoral strolling around on 26 acres. Also be sure to catch the farmers markets open four days a week for mouthwatering produce and their annual “Green Scene” gardener’s blowout.

8. Have The Best First Date At The Maverick Theatre

Local talent. Cozy theatre. Big talent. Art deco style. Certainly a great first, second, or 50th date night at the Maverick Theatre for all kinds of productions.

9. Or Try Something More Underground...

The Clayes Performing Arts Center is run by Cal State students and staff and is known for some serious quality acoustics, but the theatre itself is a local secret. Situated out of the way but offering some fabulous symphony and performing arts shows, it’s worth trying to find.

10. ... And Off The Main Street

Thriving doesn't begin to describe Fullerton's arts community, and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center is just another hotspot (hidden in a residential neighborhood) with a free art gallery, folk and jazz offerings, and free Sunday arts festivals.

11. Check “Learn To Fly” Off Your Bucket List

SkyThrills in Fullerton gets you up in the air piloting your own aircraft completely safely—but don’t worry, the adrenaline will still get your heart pumping. Beginners are encouraged and have a range of flying experiences to choose from. I recommend “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” for obvious reasons.

12. Parks, Parks And More Parks

For all its buzz of music and downtown vibrancy, Fullerton also retains acres and acres of beautiful Orange County parks for more natural recreation. Over 50 city parks are maintained in Fullerton along with an equestrian center, the Brea Dam Recreational Area, a swim complex, and tennis courts.

13. Fullerton Is Titan Nation

The Cal State Titan Stadium is where all the loyal fans gather for soccer and football games. The stadium has even been used in television programs, due to its size and vicinity to Los Angeles.

14. The Museum Literally Rocks

Maybe you’ve heard of a guy called Leo Fender? Well you’ve definitely heard his guitars. The Fullerton Museum in the downtown center has an ongoing exhibit dsplaying Fender’s masterpieces, among other fascinating Orange County historic exhibits.

15. Downtown Is Overrun By Trees

Downtown Fullerton gives visitors exactly what they're looking for with entertainment, food and a charming ambiance, but they'll also find something perhaps something more unexpected—plenty of tree-shaded seating along the streets. It might not seem too impressive, but trust me, you'll notice when you're there.

16. Marvel At The Architecture

The Plummer Auditorium is possibly California’s best example of spare-no-expense Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, from the red clay tile gabled roof to the mosaic tile front façade.

17. Get Your Credit Cards Ready

Newcomer shopaholics in Fullerton will be thrilled by the plethora of shopping options downtown. From vintage shops to upscale boutiques, you’ll get your shopping fix without even missing the big names.

18. All Aboard, Literally

The train station at Fullerton with daily service by Amtrak and Metrolink is the busiest train station in Orange County. Hop aboard to cruise into L.A. like the commuters do, or travel up and down the scenic California coast. Easy breezy.

19. A City Born From Mustard

Yes. You heard me right. Fullerton began with (and was famous for) its mustard fields—it started with 430 acres and has grown to 22 square miles! You’re gonna need a lot of hot dogs.

20. You’ll Find Time For Tea

If tea isn’t your go-to beverage, you’ll see it in a whole new light after a visit to the Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton. You can take your pick from 95 different types and satisfy your appetite too, with a lot more than dainty cucumber sandwiches and crackers—the lounge serves three sumptuous meals and dessert.

21. Fullerton Is Flying Strong—Municipally Speaking

This town is known for a lot of things, but few know that it’s actually home to the last remaining municipal airport in the country. It operated as part of the Hughes Company aerospace brand.

22. An Academic Mecca

Fullerton is known as “The Education Community” with its five colleges and universities, including Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton. And even if you’re not taking classes you’ll always find a regular schedule of conferences, guest speakers and interesting topics for the public.

23. Have Dinner In The Cellar

Food is food—except when you can get a super-cool atmosphere along with it. As you peruse the menu’s tantalizing French and continental fare and sip from your favorite wine vintage under candlelight, you’ll feel like you’re in an elegant catacomb.

24. The Writing’s on the Wall (And Everywhere Else)

Depending on how you feel about graffiti art, you may love or hate the plethora of graffiti on buildings in the city. Some see it as art, but it does cost the city approximately $50K in clean-up every year. Let’s just say the city authorities are not fans.

25. If All That Graffiti Is Inspiring You...

...let your inner savant out at Spiked Paint. Though you may have tried a BYOB painting class before, this Fullerton hotspot has a distinctive soothing environment with playful, creative painting for you and your friends. Bring your favorite beverage and open your mind.

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