Now is the time to buy before the New Year for many reasons but here are a few...

1. Sellers are Motivated: This in turn means that homes are priced to SELL!  Everyone wants a bargain and now is the time to get one when sellers are motivated to sell their homes for discounted prices.

2. There is Less Competition on The Buyers Side: This is great for buyers because they don't have to compete against other buyers and deal with multiple offers that drive the prices of homes literally through the roof.

3. Low Interest Rates:  This is a great time to take advantage of the low interest rates and keep more money in your pocket!

4. People Want to Help People During The Holidays: Why not capitalize on the holiday spirit?  People are more inclined to want to help others during the holidays making the home buying process more enjoyable.

Please reach out to for all your real estate needs and Happy Holidays!